Dennis Wilenchik appointed to US Senatorial Committee on Federal Judge selections.
Published on February 22, 2017

Dennis Wilenchik was recently appointed to the US Senatorial Committee to select the Federal Judges to submit to the President for the District of Arizona.

Wilenchik and Bartness represents State Treasurer and Trump CFO Jeff Dewit
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Wilenchik and Bartness will be representing State Treasurer and Trump CFO Jeff Dewit in a case brought by the Atty General’s office to request the State Treasurer defund the City of Tucson for its policy of destroying and refusing to sell seized weapons from its police department.

Supreme Court Decision: Overturned by Prosecution… WB argues case.
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Wilenchik and Bartness recently argued at the Supreme Court of AZ for former Atty General of AZ Tom Horne related to alleged campaign violation issues which he won before an administrative law judge but which was overturned by the prosecuting atty. The Court of Appeals had upheld the Superior Court’s…

Supreme Court Decision: WB wins with Homebuilder…
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Wilenchik and Bartness participated recently in a case before the Supreme Court of Arizona along with other homebuilder company defendants on a case brought by the City of Phoenix regarding alleged construction defects in city streets.

Supreme Court Decision: WB wins against Title Insurance…
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Wilenchik and Bartness recently won a case in a unanimous decision by the Supreme Court of Arizona against Fidelity Title Insurance which was in the form of answers to certified questions posed to it by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, regarding foreclosure issues related to a title insurance policy…

Wilenchik & Bartness Wins at the Supreme Court
Published on February 7, 2017

Today, the Arizona Supreme Court issued its unanimous opinion in favor of Wilenchik & Bartness’s client. Dennis I. Wilenchik and Senior Attorney Tyler Q. Swensen argued the matter before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals last year in Equity Income Partners v. Chicago Title Ins. Co., which certified questions in…

Arizona Supreme Court Accepts Review in Horne v. Polk
Published on December 13, 2016

The Arizona Supreme Court has granted a petition for review that was filed on behalf of Thomas C. Horne by Dennis I. Wilenchik of Wilenchik & Bartness and Timothy LaSota of Tim LaSota, PLC. A copy of the Petition that was granted can be found here. The case is designated as Arizona Supreme Court Case…

Senators Flake and Feinstein Introduce Bill to Protect Child Witnesses
Published on December 8, 2016

United States Senators Jeffry Flake (R-Arizona) and Dianne Feinstein (D-California) have introduced legislation to prevent self-represented defendants in sexual assault cases from personally cross-examining their own child victims. Jack Wilenchik, an attorney at Wilenchik & Bartness, P.C. drafted the initial legislation based on a UNESCO model law (Article 27 of the “Justice…

WB Title Insurance Case Reaches Arizona Supreme Court
Published on July 20, 2016

July 20, 2016 – WB finds itself in the thick of things when it comes to establishing new law in Arizona on the calculation of damages for claims against a title insurer for the diminution of value of property caused by an existing defect in the title that the insurer…

Over a Dozen National and State Child Victim’s Rights Groups File in Support of Petition for Certiorari
Published on March 21, 2016

Over a dozen national and state victim’s rights groups and children’s rights groups have filed in support of the Petition for Certiorari in the  U.S. Supreme Court case of M.A. v. Padilla, No. 15-1049. Jack Wilenchik of Wilenchik & Bartness, P.C. filed the Petition on behalf of a child victim whose accused molester…