6-26-13 Protecting Arizona’s Children

Jack talks to Laura Speer, associate director of policy reform and advocacy for the Annie E. Casey Foundation, about the Foundation’s “Kids Count” survey, which places Arizona smack dab around rock bottom for child care and well-being.

To talk about what we have done to change the situation and what we can still do — Bruce Liggett, Executive Director of the Arizona Child Care Association; Dana Wolfe Naimark, President and CEO of Children’s Action Alliance; and Arizona Rep. Kate Brophy-McGee.

6-19-13 Representative Matt Salmon, Kristena Hansen

For the first segment: U.S. Representative Matt Salmon talks to Jack about his legislation in response to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the Arizona voter ID law.

For the remainder of the show: real estate reporter Kristena Hansen from the Phoenix Business Journal talks about the top ten trends in Arizona commercial and residential real estate.

6-12-13 Immigration Reform

Dan Holler from conservative think tank HeritageAction.com and Dulce Matuz from the Arizona Dream Act Coalition debate the merits of the “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013,” which creates a path to citizenship for most–but not all–of the 11.5 million undocumented immigrants in America.

5-5-13 Medicaid Expansion Debate

In segments one and two – Former Arizona State Senators Ron Gould and Frank Antenori, who oppose Governor Brewer’s medicaid expansion, discuss their initiative to collect signature for putting it on the ballot for public vote.

In segments three and four – Arizona House Democrat Bruce Wheeler argues for why we need Medicaid expansion.

5-29-13 A.J. LaFaro

Jack talks to Maricopa County GOP Chairman A.J. LaFaro about what’s on the local Republican agenda. The battle over Medicaid expansion and other big current news items like IRS “Tea Party” scandal and the ruling on racial profiling by the sheriff’s department, as well as the upcoming Phoenix City Council elections and the Arizona state elections in 2014, are all up for discussion.

5-22-13 Domestic Violence

Jack talks about the problem of domestic violence in Arizona, which is one of the top states for domestic violence crimes–and why Jodi Arias probably isn’t doing anything good to advance the cause. Guests: family law attorney Sarah Barrios and the Deputy Director of the Arizona Coalition against Domestic Violence, Jesse Johnson.

5-8-13 Gerald Celente, Jim Bacon, Mike Sunnucks, Samantha Noyes

In the first segment – Gerald Celente, publisher of the Trends Journal, shares his insights and predictions about the economic, social and political direction of the U.S., our allies and enemies.

Second segment – by phone from Paradise Valley – Jim Bacon, Paradise Valley town manager discusses how the rising cost of police pensions is causing the down-sizing of local police departments.

Third and Fourth Segments – Mike Sunnucks from the Phoenix Business Journal, Samantha Noyes from the Council on American Islamic Relations, and a guest from the Alliance Defending Freedom discuss the problem of religious discrimination in Arizona, which has one of the highest rates of complaints with the EEOC.


5-1-13 Rep. John Kavanaugh

Arizona Representative John Kavanaugh comes on the show to talk about what’s “hot” in the legislature these days, including the recent change to Arizona’s “resign to run” law, the famous (or infamous?) “bathroom” ordinance and bathroom bill, and efforts to recall him and other Arizona legislators.

4-24-13 Senator Al Melvin, Tom Buschatzke, Gary Wockner

For the first half – Senator Al Melvin, who recently announced that he is running for Governor, talks about issues facing the state, from AHCCCS to the strain on the Colorado River.

For the second half – Gary Wockner, from savethecolorado.org,  and Tom Buschatzke, from the Arizona Department of Water Resources, join the show to talk about the “endangered” Colorado River.

4-17-13 Revitalizing Arizona

On the show to talk about bringing business to the State and taking firm steps to get the economy rolling again: Christine Mackay, Economic Development Director of the City of Chandler; Sandra Watson, President and CEO of the Arizona Commerce Authority; Bary Broome, President and CEO of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council.