4/13/2011 – Guest, Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Published on April 13, 2011

Dennis and Jack sit down with Sheriff Joe Arpaio and talk about some of the latest county news. Vamos Jose!

Wilenchik and Bartness Wins Reversal of Judgment on Appeal
Published on April 10, 2011

Wilenchik and Bartness successfully appealed and obtained reversal of a judgment in Bankruptcy Court in CV10-01079-PHX-NVW, Design Trend v. Cathay Enterprises. The firm represented Design Trend, a general contractor that wasn’t paid under its contract to build a Candlewood Suites hotel for Cathay Enterprises. The appeal came before the U.S….

Dennis Wilenchik to host County Attorney Bill Montgomery, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals Ann Timmer on weekly radio show
Published on April 6, 2011

The show airs from 4-5 PM on KFNX 1100 AM. County Attorney Bill Montgomery is scheduled to appear on Wednesday April 6, Sheriff Joe will be appearing the next week on April 13th.

4/6/2011 – Guest, County Attorney Bill Montgomery
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Maricopa County attorney Bill Montgomery comes on the show and talks about growing up in a tough neighborhood; sentencing guidelines; getting the civil litigation division back; and good relations with the Sheriff’s office.

3/30/2011 – Supreme Court in Session
Published on March 30, 2011

U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments in what may be the biggest class action in U.S. History; Arizona’s Clean Elections Act may be ruled un-constitutional; Arizona’s judicial merit selection system is in jeopardy; Clarence Thomas has gone for 3 years and one month without saying a word in Court; and a…

3/23/2011 – Guest, Glenn Hamer
Published on March 23, 2011

Dennis talks to the CEO of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce about the effect of SB1070 on business; the Arizona Senate votes down five new anti-immigration bills. Also, are other states backing down from passing anti-immigration bills? And the Goldwater Institute’s “Tea Party T-Shirt” case.

3/16/2011 – Jared Loughner and Mental Health in Arizona
Published on March 16, 2011

Loughner ordered to undergo mental exam—could somebody have committed him before he shot 18 people? Also, what happens when you get committed and the problem with homelessness in downtown Phoenix. Special guest Mark Holleran, director at Central Arizona Shelter Services.

Becky Bartness named to the Board at MentorKids USA
Published on March 12, 2011

Becky Ann Bartness was named to the Board at MentorKids USA, an organization that serves at-risk youth in the Phoenix area.

Wilenchik & Bartness wins jury trial and appeal defending Sheriff Joe
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Dennis I. Wilenchik and Lawrence J. Felder won a complete defense verdict for Sheriff Joe Arpaio against an inmate who slipped on a plastic bag in a Maricopa County jail cell, then sued the Sheriff for negligence. The jury awarded the Plaintiff, Lonny Mitchell, no damages, and the Court awarded…

Wilenchik & Bartness wins 6-day jury trial defending the Sheriff and appeal
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Dennis I. Wilenchik and Lawrence J. Felder won a complete defense verdict for Sheriff Joe Arpaio in a lawsuit against him by a former inmate, Christina Jimenez. Ms. Jimenez claimed that the Sheriff was responsible for her being attacked while waiting for her husband after her release from jail. Wilenchik…