6-1-11 – Employer Immigration Sanctions – Jack Kavanaugh
Published on June 3, 2011

Arizona’s employer sanctions law upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. Guests: Garrick Taylor from the Arizona Chamber of Commerce; state Representative Jack Kavanaugh, who co-sponsored the original bill; MaryAnna Gitomer from U.S. Citizen Immigration Services; and Dee Dee Garcia from Somos Republicanos, a hispanic Republican group.

5-25-11 – Medicaid – State Sen. Nancy Barto, Rep. Kate Brophy-McGee, Byron Schlomach
Published on May 25, 2011

Dennis talks to state Senator Nancy Barto, state Representative Kate Brophy-McGee, and economist for the Goldwater Institute Byron Schlomach about major cuts to Medicaid in the state budget. Also featuring comments from AHCCCS (Medicaid) spokeswoman Monica Coury.

June 8 Fundraiser for Peggy Neely at the Wilenchik and Bartness Building
Published on May 23, 2011

Wilenchik and Bartness will host a fundraiser for Peggy Neely, candidate for Mayor of Phoenix, on June 8, 2011 starting at 5:30 at the Wilenchik and Bartness building. To R.S.V.P., contact Jack Wilenchik at (602) 606-2810 or send an email to For more information about the event, click here.

5-18-11 – Vaughan Roofing Case – Guests Don and Matt Fendon
Published on May 19, 2011

Dennis talks to workmen’s comp attorneys Don and Matt Fendon about the Vaughan Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc. v. Rodriguez case, in which an undocumented worker was allowed to receive workmen’s comp benefits. Also on the show: attorneys for Plaintiff and Defendant in the case, Janice Barber and Kirk Landrey.

Wilenchik and Bartness Named Attorney at Law Magazine’s “Law Firm of the Month” for May
Published on May 16, 2011

Wilenchik and Bartness is Attorney at Law Magazine’s Law Firm of the Month for May 2011. Check out a copy of the article here.

5-11-11 – Peggy Neely
Published on May 12, 2011

Candidate for Mayor of Phoenix Peggy Neely talks to Dennis about running to become the first woman elected Mayor of Phoenix in over 30 years.

5-4-11 – Guest, Attorney General Tom Horne
Published on May 4, 2011

Dennis talks to Attorney General Tom Horne and medical marijuana “entrepeneur” Allan Sobol.

Tom Horne, Peggy Neely to Appear on “Legalease”
Published on

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne and Phoenix Mayorial Candidate Peggy Neely will be on Dennis Wilenchik’s “Legalease,” airing every Wednesday from 4-5 on KFNX (1100 AM). Mr. Horne will be on today’s (May 4) show at 4:00, and Ms. Neely will be coming on the show next Wednesday, May 11…

4-27-11 – Clean Elections – State Sen. David Schapira and Rep. David Burnell Smith
Published on April 27, 2011

Dennis interviews David Schapira about Clean Elections and working with other members of the legislature, then David Burnell Smith comes on to talk about Clean Elections and other issues.

4/20/2011 – the “Birther Bill” – Guest Orly Taitz
Published on April 20, 2011

Jack Wilenchik talks to “birther” leader Orly Taitz about Jan Brewer’s veto of the Arizona birther bill. Also, Jack’s high school friend has a shocking immigration problem—despite living in the state for 20 years, graduating from an Arizona high school and getting an Arizona college education, he still isn’t a…