Wilenchik & Bartness, on Behalf of the Rutherford Institute, Files Habeas Corpus Petition in Federal District Court for Phoenix Man Jailed for Home Bible Studies

Published on September 7, 2012

Wilenchik and Bartness attorney Jack Wilenchik, who is an affiliate attorney of the Rutherford Institute, a pro bono civil rights group, filed the petition in August on behalf of Michael Salman to obtain his release from custody. Mr. Wilenchik also appeared on behalf of Pastor Salman at a disposition hearing in City court in July, after a judge had previously found Pastor Salman “guilty” of violating probation by having services with more than 12 people at his home before going to jail. The City originally planned to ask for an additional six months of jail time, but after Mr. Wilenchik intervened with the City prosecutor, the City asked the court for only an additional couple of months, and after argument the Judge only ordered an additional ten days of home detention. For more information, see


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