9-12-12 Florence Mining Debate

9-5-12 Attorney General Tom Horne on Dennis and Jack Wilenchik’s “Legal-ease”

Fresh from being “Governor for the week,” Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne stops by the studio to talk about the good work that the Attorney General’s Office has been doing,  combating consumer fraud and fending off lawsuits by the Obama administration.

8-22-12 Lando Voyles

Lando Voyles is the “Law” in the “Law and Order” team running for election in Pinal County. He is running for county attorney along with Sheriff Paul Babeu, who is running for re-election as Sheriff. Mr. Voyles has tried over 80 cases as a prosecutor in Maricopa County, has experienced fighting the cartels first-hand and knows what it takes to get tough on crime.

8-15-12 Sheriff Paul Babeu

Sheriff Paul Babeu stops by the studio to talk about why he is still the best darned Sheriff that Pinal County has ever had.

8-1-12 Martha McSally

Guest Martha McSally, who is running for Gabriel Giffords’s former seat in Tucson / CD #2, is the first woman combat fighter pilot. She fought the military on its policy that service women should have to wear Muslim garb in Saudi Arabia and won. She was also John Kyl’s advisor on terrorism and defense, has two master’s degrees and is a tri-athlete.

8-8-12 Sal Diciccio on Legal-ease

Phoenix Councilman Sal DiCiccio talks about how he managed to organize more than 100 Phoenix construction and development industry professionals to re-write the rules for construction permits in the City of Phoenix. Also on the show: Rebekah Morris from the Arizona Builders Exchange, an online trade paper that focuses on the construction industry.

7-25-12 Ben Quayle, the Colorado Shooting

Ben Quayle gives an update on the Fast and Furious scandal and on what he is up to in Congress. Also, we get an update on the recent Colorado shooting.

7-18-12 Steve Chucri

Jack talks to Steve Chucri, who is running for the County Board of Supervisors against Lester Pearce, Russell Pearce’s brother.

7-11-12 Charles Goyette on “Legal-ease”

Radio host Charles Goyette comes in studio to talk to Jack about his new book, “Red and Blue and Broke All Over.” Are crony capitalism, the national debt, undeclared wars, and the falling dollar killing us?

6-27-12 Wil Cardon

Wil Cardon comes in studio to talk about his campaign for the U.S. Senate. By far the hardest working guest we’ve ever had – he even wrapped up his own headphones after the show!